Bleaching Teeth Frequently Asked Questions

Porselen Diş Kaplaması

Teeth bleaching also called as teeth whitening and it helps you to remove stains and discolorations from your teeth.

Q1) Who Can Be A Good Candidate For Bleaching Teeth?

Bleaching teeth is a treatment that can be done to anyone who suffers from stains. Keep in mind that patients who have dental crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings might not be a good candidate for bleaching teeth. In addition, for pregnant women, it is not recommended because dentists are not sure about the side effects.

 Q2) Is Bleaching Teeth A Permanent Solution?

Bleaching is not a permanent solution. It is an option but not an obligation that is why it is also not a permanent solution. To keep your teeth white for a long time you should be careful with what you eat and drink. Eating food and drinking beverages which causes discoloration will cause your teeth to be discolored again in a short time. When you get your teeth whitened, be more careful to keep your teeth clean for a long time.

Q3) Are There Any Side Effects?

Bleaching teeth is not a hard process. It takes one session which lasts 30-60 minutes and there is no recovery time needed after that 30-60 minutes of treatment. After the treatment, complications are not expected and procedure does not include high risks or serious side effects. Patients may face pain or sensitivity for a while. When patients face any other side effect, he/she should see the dentist immediately to see if there is any problem serious.

Q4) How The Process Goes?

Bleaching teeth can be considered as an easy procedure you may even try to get your teeth whitened at home by using some techniques but it is better to get your teeth whitened at dentist’s office as it would be more professional. In-office bleaching teeth technique, which is done at dentist’s office is done by using a special whitening solution. Whitening solution is the main tool to whiten your teeth; it helps to divide stains into little pieces that cause discoloration. Dividing stains will decrease their effect and patient’s teeth gets its natural color back. During the treatment process, a protective solution is applied on gums to protect gums from the whitening solution in order to protect patient’s gums from harm.

Q5) What About The Costs?

Like every dental procedure, prices of teeth whitening are varying from country to country. Prices are changing between €85 and €550 depending on clinic and the country that you get the treatment. In developed countries, costs are higher and in developing countries costs are lower. For example in UK paying around €290 would be enough, on the other hand, in Poland around €107. Clinics and hospitals in Turkey are charging affordable prices such as €150. Keep in mind that health tourism can save you a lot if you search for the clinic and the doctor well.

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