Organic Dentistry

What is Organic Dentistry?

Organic dentistry uses patients’ blood and utilizes the growth cells and the cells that help accelerate healing speed after centrifuging the blood to be used during dental surgeries.

Organic dentistry, therefore, as an unconventional method, focuses on healing any scars or sores by making use of the patients’ blood. PRF (protein-rich fibrin) is used to operate, and the patient’s blood needs to be processed in a centrifuge about 8-12 times.

This process separates blood and PRF so that the separated PRF is placed onto the surgical area.

Where to Use Organic Dentistry (PRF)

Organic dentistry is widely preferred while applying organic dental implants due to its fast healing properties, especially when there is a need for jaw bone formation.

When to Use Organic Dentistry?

Organic dentistry offers effective results in every surgical, bone, sinus, and implant operation.

How to Use PRF?

After centrifuging the blood, it is often placed in the area where the bone formation is required to provide a better healing process. These cells are included in the platelets. Cells within these platelets are separated via a unique process called centrifugation. These membranes are placed into their position after mixing with a bone meal when bone graft or bone meal application is required during the process.

Advantages of Organic Dentistry

PRF has various contents triggering a faster and more effective healing process for the patients. These include;

  • TGF-beta (transforming growth factor-beta): Heal’s vein epithelium.
  • FGF (fibroblast growth factor): Restores tissues.
  • PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor): Forms and restores blood vessels.
  • EGF (epithelial growth factor): Forms epithelial cells and heals the scars.

Thanks to all these contents listed above, organic dentistry has excellent advantages in the recovery process and hemostasis (stopping the bleeding). Organic Dentistry is not a toxic treatment as its name suggests. Since it is a treatment method maintained by the patient’s blood, it eliminates the risks of any allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of Organic Dentistry

No, PRF doesn’t have any known disadvantages.

Is it Suitable for Everyone?

Yes, PRF treatment can be applied to anyone.

Organic Dentistry Treatment Costs

Organic dentistry treatments don’t have a specific price range. Patients need to go through a dental health examination first. Prices change depending on the dental clinics, years of experience dentists have, and the quality of sterilization tools they utilize.

It is highly advised to do extensive research on clinics and choose an expert on your treatment to get the most effective results. Please contact us if you are wondering about organic dentists near you.


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