Box Technique

The biggest challenge in implant treatments is the bone loss that occurs after tooth extraction. These losses are reconstructed with bone grafts and membranes taken from the patient or created artificially. Box technique is a new method developed for guided bone regeneration and prevention of bone loss in teeth. With this technique, the bone is formed by using materials that dissolve in the mouth and are entirely compatible with the tissues. It allows bone additions to be made without the need to take bone from the patient. In this technique polylactide, acid-soluble materials are used.

Polylactide acid has long been used in neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgeries. Thanks to this material, the box technique has been developed for implant surgeries. Box technique helps create an area to place bone powders, which will help the bone be placed in the treated area. With the walls placed around the bone, the bone material is placed in the desired area.

Boks Tekniği Ile İleri İmplant CerrahisiAdvantages of Box Technique

Sufficient bone volume can be created in the desired area without the need for the bone taken from the patient.

Thanks to the melting materials, there is no need for a second surgical procedure.

The applied procedure is more comfortable for the patients and creates less trauma.

Treatment time is shortened. The polylactic acid materials used in this technique are safe materials that the body can tolerate. It does not cause any inflammation after the application. As a result of the melting of the material, water and carbon dioxide, entirely excreted by the body, come out—nothing more, nothing less.


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