Orthodontic Mini-Screw

ortodontik mini vida

Dental implants offer a safe and noteworthy solution in dentistry, and orthodontists widely prefer them for controlling tooth movement in orthodontics.

Support and anchorage have been the essentials of orthodontic treatments, and orthodontic mini screw has been a tremendous advancement for that purpose.

What is An Orthodontic Mini Screw?

An orthodontic mini screw is a small metal screw that helps to reposition the poorly located teeth to a better position, and it is placed between the gum and jaw bone. They are also referred to as micro or mini-screws, mini implants, or temporary anchorage devices (TADs).

Why Use An Orthodontic Mini Screw?

Repositioning the poorly located teeth might sometimes move the other teeth of suitable condition and location. In these instances, using orthodontic mini-screws helps teeth straightening while covering the gaps between them.

How to Place An Orthodontic Mini Screw?

  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the area. Sometimes it might require using an antibacterial mouthwash as well.
  • The mini screw can be placed gently into the jaw bone, or a hole might be drilled first to place the screw.
  • Orthodontic elastics or teeth braces might be attached instantly or later to initiate the teeth movement.

Is the Orthodontic Mini Screw Procedure Painful?

Anesthesia application prevents you from feeling any pain during the orthodontic mini screw operation.

How Long Will, The Mini Screw, Remain in Your Mouth?

Mini screws remain in the mouth until the teeth stop repositioning themselves. The teeth movement can last several months.

How to Care for Orthodontic Mini Screws?

Gently clean the top of your mini implant, and use a small toothbrush dipped into an antiseptic mouthwash. It is not advised to use an electric toothbrush while cleaning your mini screw.

How to Remove An Orthodontic Mini Screw?

The removal process doesn’t require anesthesia since it is pretty simple. The gum and the bone underneath heal quickly in a few days without giving you any discomfort.

What is A Mini Screw Loss?

Sometimes screws can’t hold on to the jaw bone when the bone that it is attached to doesn’t have enough density or can get loose if they get too much extreme pressure. Yet, the mini-screws are not supposed to have an internal fixation like implants do with the jaw bone. That is why these screws are not made of titanium.


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