Fluoride Treatments For Kids

Topical floride application to both primary teeth and permanent teeth of the children ensures that the teeth are stronger and more resistant to caries. Floride is a substance that strengthens the structure of the teeth. When this substance is applied, it increases the resistance to decay by interacting with the organic substance of the teeth.

As already known, primary teeth decay more easily. Considering the difficulty to make children gain the habit of effective and consistent tooth brushing until a certain age, fluoride application is an important and scientific method for the prevention of decay.

Flor Uygulaması

How Is Fluoride Therapy Performed?

The fluoride application is an easy procedure, does not disturb the children and should be repeated once every 4-6 months. The fluoride in gel form is applied after the teeth are dried; and the child is not allowed to eat or drink for one hour after the application. Since it is applied on to the surface of the teeth, it is safely performed at clinical settings without risk of an adverse event.

Bilindiği gibi, süt dişleri daha kolay çürür. Çocukların belli bir yaşa kadar etkin ve tutarlı diş fırçalama alışkanlığı kazanmalarının zorluğu da dikkate alınırsa, flor uygulaması çürükle mücadele için önemli ve bilimsel bir yöntemdir.


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