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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics implies treatments that are performed to correct the alignment of the teeth and the jaw bones.

What is the age limitation for an orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age. Excluding corrections that are required in childhood and that guides the eruption, every kind of tooth movement is possible, whether you are 12 years old or 62, if you accept to wear braces.

When is orthodontic treatment required for adults?

  • If you have crooked teeth since childhood and this condition is even gradually worsening
  • If bone loss occurs secondary to your gingival problem and your well aligned teeth start separating from each other
  • If you have teeth that are deviated to or erupt towards the space left after the extraction, as no prosthesis is placed to fill the gap.
  • If the upper or the lower jaw is positioned forward or backward such that it disturbs you and if you have a small jaw bone or a jaw bone disorder, surgical treatment can be combined with orthodontic treatment for healthy and harmonized jaws.
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When should children receive an orthodontic treatment?

We should clearly emphasize that for healthy teeth and jaw structure, every child should visit an orthodontist minimum once at 7-8 years of age. Beauty and health begin in childhood. One should keep in mind that the abnormal tooth structure can be unrecognized and negative consequences, even including permanent malformations, may occur, if an orthodontist is not visited in childhood. We strongly recommend that all mothers and fathers take their children to an orthodontist at least once. It is not always true to wait until the primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. Orthodontic problems develop at early ages in many children.

What is the ideal age to take our children to an orthodontist?

The optimal time is the age of 7 to 8 years. If improper positioning of teeth and jaw goes unnoticed at this age, healthy development of the jaw may fail as the jaw structure starts to take the final configuration. Improperly positioned and crooked teeth can be managed easier at these ages. 95% of the growth will be completed until the primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. Children with difficult conditions, such as jaw asymmetry, should necessarily present to an orthodontist in this period. The complexity of the treatment increases when the child is 8 or older.

Do not be fooled by “pearly teeth”; there may be a problem in jaw!

ortodonti tedavisi kaç yaşında başlarIt is necessary to express that some mothers and fathers are fooled by the well-aligned pearly teeth of their children, and that important problems of the jaw cannot be recognized. Do not be fooled by pearly teeth! Have your child’s jaw structure examined by an orthopedist at those ages. Protrusion of the upper jaw in girls or protrusion of the lower jaw in body cause uncontrolled malformations. Abnormalities, such as bird face deformity, may be faced. Girls complete the development one year earlier than boys. Such problems should be identified at these ages and treatment should be started.

Orthodontic treatment should be started earlier in children

In some cases, starting orthodontic treatment earlier can be highly vital. Treatment is required if there is any difference in your child’s jaw, even when arrangement of teeth is normal. Orthodontic treatment is a must if there are posterior cross-bite, if the upper jaw is extremely narrow, if permanent teeth cannot erupt as the primary teeth did not fall out or if the jaw is underdeveloped due to early extraction of the primary teeth.

What are the conditions requiring preventive orthodontic treatment?

Some cases require preventive orthodontic treatment. “These are bad habits, such as incorrect swallowing or mouth breathing and sucking thumb, pen or tongue. Some of these habits may originate from the infancy. Preventive treatments should be performed for such conditions that lead to orthodontic disorders.

Braces are no longer a problem.

Different colors of braces are available in pediatric orthodontics. Color alternatives that can be preferred by children facilitate our work. Children with a dental brace are not found strange by friends, as number of children receiving orthodontic treatment is increasing. It is pleasing that they got used to it to such an extent.

How is orthodontic treatment performed?

There are two modalities of orthodontic treatment; fixed or removable. For removable treatment, an apparatus is manufactured that can be placed in and removed out of the mouth. They are typically used to correct simple misalignments. In fixed orthodontic treatment, metal brackets that cannot be removed by patients are fixed on the teeth. These metals are interconnected by special arch wires. Thus, the teeth are mobilized and the misalignment is corrected. For the Orthodontic appointment you can call our call center at 444 3 347.

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