Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic Braces and Repositioning Teeth with Ceramic Braces

Metal teeth braces have been one of the most popular and commonly used orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening until the emergence of ceramic braces. Braces are made of ceramic and porcelain substance to create a tooth-like, clear brackets appearance. Therefore, ceramic braces replaced the metal braces giving a more artificial smile and considered to be unaesthetic.

Why Ceramic/Porcelain Braces?

Thanks to new advancements in today’s dental treatments, fortunately, we can get more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results for teeth straightening than results we achieved with metal braces. Most patients don’t prefer metal braces since they find the metal appearance artificial and visually displeasing. We are implementing clear ceramic braces or porcelain braces on our adult patients to achieve a far more pleasing result. Here at Dentram Dental Clinics, we also offer treatments for the kids.

To deliver a more natural and tooth-like natural appearance, we use tooth-coloured ceramic or porcelain braces in our treatments. This treatment minimises the appearance of the braces since they are naturally coloured. Since ceramic or porcelain braces are hard to notice, they are highly preferred by the patients.

Ceramic veneers are highly suggested by expert orthodontists as well. Even though porcelain or ceramic braces cost more than metal braces, they look like clear braces and provide more effective and faster results compared to Invisalign treatment and lingual orthodontics. Since they are white braces teeth can be easily stained once the patient doesn’t care for their oral hygiene. These tooth coloured braces don’t differ from metal braces in terms of comfort.

Porcelain or Ceramic Brace Costs

If you wish to get more details about our treatments and learn how much clear braces cost, please feel free to contact Dentram Dental Clinics. Our department’s handpicked experts will provide you with more insight about the procedure.


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