Holistic Dentistry

What is Holistic or Biological Dentistry?

Also known as biological and alternative dentistry, holistic dentistry simply means seeing and biologically treating “human” organisms. This dentistry focuses on traditional methods.

It is widely accepted that the masticatory system is connected with the rest of the body. Besides, almost all of our sensory organs are regulated by this system. At the same time, our brain is also located quite close to the masticatory system.

12 cranial nerves spread from the brain into our bodies. 5 of these nerves, the trigeminal nerve cover half of the areas that others impact.

Apart from these, meridians  that are highly accepted in far eastern cultures, also take place in the dental system. They are activated during our daily mastication movements through fifteen thousand dental contacts. These meridians either pass through a tooth or certain teeth group. Each of these is linked with a certain anatomic structure or an organ region. If you have an infection or inflammation in your teeth, other parts of your body regulated by meridians might also be affected. To keep that gentle balance between dental health and our bodies, it is vitally important to have a correct implant placement.

Meridians pass through the teeth and are constantly activated by mastication via thousands of contact movements. Acupuncture and reflexology can be used to keep the balance when tooth loss occurs, yet this affects linked meridians negatively, causing degeneration. It is quite significant that each healthy tooth or a neutral zirconium implant is in healthy contact with its linked meridian.

Mandibular affects the position of our jaw bone along with our blood circulation and venous discharge. It also has an impact on the spine. In addition to this, it is thought that decaying teeth might cause tension and pressure on cerebral veins since decaying teeth directly affect our length. This causes reduced blood circulation and results in numerous complaints among patients.

Toxins and waste products are discharged via a wide jugular artery or a neck vein.

This matters a lot since our brain doesn’t have a lymphatic system. Therefore turning off any device connected to Wifi or producing an electromagnetic field holds a significant value during discharge processes.

There is no other body part that can have metals, amalgamations, toxins, dead parts or infections like this. Dentistry, therefore, is the only medical area in which a dead organ can be left in the body with a treatment such as a root canal operation. That is why it is asserted that almost %60 of chronic diseases stem from tooth problems.

The links between mastication disorders are referred to as “focal infections”. This simply means that the focal point of the reaction is at a specific spot in the body however, it may affect the other parts. The need to heal focal infections has been around for a long time. Teeth infections cause cardiac valve and joint infections as well.

Biological, naturopathic or holistic dentistry has been a less radical and effective method for many. Results of subjective, repeatable and unsupported measurement procedures are also affected positively due to the help we are getting from biological dentistry.

Biocompatible amalgams first tested and then utilised and there have been attempts to heal infected teeth via neural treatments rather than the removal process.

Infected and impacted wisdom teeth that are already treated with root canal operation require utmost attention during removal therefore these operations need to be performed by expert oral surgeons.

Thanks to the growing trend of holistic and biological dentistry, most of our patients also prefer this treatment.


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