Composite Bonding

Bonding Uygulaması Nedir?

Nowadays, everyone wants an aesthetic smile. Increasing interest in procedures such as smile design causes an increase in dentists’ methods and materials. Aesthetic fillings have recently become one of the most popular materials in this field. With the growing interest in smile aesthetics and new dentistry methods, the aesthetic filling has begun to show its impact on both front and back teeth.

Teeth bonding application also referred to as aesthetic or composite filling, is an easy and inexpensive cosmetic application widely used in aesthetic and protective dentistry. It is one of the most common methods used to correct tooth enamel defects, close the spaces between teeth, change the shape of the teeth (such as increasing the size), and color.

How to Apply Bonding?

Bonding Application is the restoration process performed by attaching the composite material suitable for the tooth color to the tooth surface. Most of the time, anesthesia is not required in the application. The teeth regain their natural look with composite filling in a short time.

The Importance of Bonding Application in Smile Design

Smile design, which is one of the most well-known procedures of aesthetic dentistry, is correcting and beautifying teeth according to one’s facial symmetry, whose aesthetic look is deteriorated due to various reasons.

There are many factors affecting smile aesthetics, like split teeth. Split teeth can cause low self-esteem. Today, with the rising importance of smile aesthetics and the operation’s ability to meet the patient and the dentist’s expectations, bonding is a frequently preferred procedure in aesthetic dentistry.

Since the composite bonding application treats worn tooth enamel, interdental spaces, and yellowed teeth that cause smile anxiety, even healthy individuals with aesthetic deformities may want bonding operations done to their teeth.

For an aesthetic smile, we need teeth that are compatible with our face shape and lip structure. Since the composite bonding teeth treatment will affect a patient’s appearance and smile, the positive outcomes in one’s day-to-day psychology should not be overlooked.

The Importance of the Material Used in Bonding Application

Composite or ceramic restorations have replaced the classical amalgam restorations used in the past. No matter how solid amalgam fillings are in terms of their structure, they do not make patients happy in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, the use of ceramic and composite fillings has increased considerably.

Since the aesthetic teeth composite fillings’ success depends on the correct cement and cementation technique, the dentist and the clinic you choose for your bonding and teeth straightening treatment is essential.

Composite fillings are preferred because of their hardness, like natural tooth enamel, resistance to breakage, ability to fill interdental spaces, and perfect harmony with natural teeth.

To Whom and In Which Situations Bonding Application is Applied?

Bonding is applied for;

  • Closing the gaps between the teeth
  • Color changes due to antibiotic use
  • Insufficient development of enamel formation
  • Abrasions on the tooth surface
  • Deformity of the teeth
  • Teeth that are stained due to excessive fluoride in the growth period
  • Asymmetric teeth.

Also, there is no age limit for bonding treatments.

Things to Consider After Bonding

After bonding dental treatment,

  • Attention should be paid to oral hygiene and dental care.
  • It should be avoided to consume hard foods by crushing and biting.
  • Teeth breakage can be seen in those who have habits such as nail and pencil biting.
  • Products such as cigarettes, tea, and coffee can cause staining on the teeth.

Is Bonding Application A High-Cost Treatment?

Composite bonding applications are a treatment that provides an aesthetic smile, especially in adults. When compared to other dentistry applications for aesthetic purposes, bonding prices are pretty affordable. With its short application time, success rate, and cost advantage, bonding is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures.

However, although teeth bonding cost is affordable, there is no exact price range for the treatment. To determine the composite bonding cost, oral and dental examination of the patient must be done. The price option is selected according to the clinic where the treatment is applied, the doctor’s experience, and the needs of the patient. You must apply to experienced centers for your oral and dental health treatment to be done correctly.

What Are Indications Or Good Candidates Of Bonding?

Bonding treatment is successfully performed for:

  • Closure of diastema (abnormal space or gap between two teeth)
  • Discoloration due to use of antibiotic agent
  • Underdeveloped enamel
  • Chipped teeth
  • Deformed teeth
  • Mottling in teeth due to excessive use of fluoride in the growth period.
  • Simple asymmetry

There is no age limitation in bonding procedure.

estetik dolgu öncesi estetik dolgu sonrası

Considerations After Bonding Procedure

It is necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene and dental care and to avoid breaking and biting hard foods with teeth after bonding treatment is completed. Tooth/teeth may break down in people with bad habits, like nail biting and pen biting. Smoking, tea and coffee may lead to mottled teeth.


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