Gum Disease Treatments

Dental Scaling And Root Planning

It is the process of removing the hard and soft attachments on the tooth surfaces.

Sub Gum Curettage

It implies removal of attachments and inflammatory tissues around the teeth after the teeth and the gums are numbed in order to eliminate gingival inflammation or prepare tissues for advanced periodontal treatment.

Periodontal Flap Surgery

For the advanced stage of gingival disease, the teeth and the gums are numbed with local anesthetic agent, gums are lifted such that the bone is exposed and the root surface and inflammatory tissues are cleaned and removed.


The excess gums are removed at locations of gingival hypertrophy and deep indentations. Next, contours of gums are corrected as required and the gums gain a physiological form and aesthetic appearance.


This operation corrects excessively apparent gums or the asymmetric gum level. Administration of local anesthesia ensures that patients feel no pain during corrections. All-porcelain laminate or zirconia-based porcelain without metal support provide a better aesthetic appearance, if required.


It is the surgical removal of a frenulum, if this fold of muscular tissue is located closer to the teeth; gums are numbed with local anesthesia and the muscular connection is surgically removed.

Resective and Regenerative Bone Surgery

The bone around the teeth is shaped or the bone is supported with various bone grafts, whenever appropriate, in a periodontal flap surgery carried out for advanced stage gingival disease. Regenerative procedures are performed in order to rebuild connective tissues that are destructed by periodontal disease by stimulating native production mechanisms of the body. Where appropriate, affected tissues may be removed and new supportive structures may be formed using membranes, tissue stimulating proteins or bone grafts.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissues are obtained from a part of the mouth and surgically transferred and placed to another part in order to treat existing gingival recession, increase volume of keratinized tissue or prevent potential future recessions.

Crown Lengthening

If there is too much loss of substance in the teeth and if the decay extends beneath the gum, excess gum tissue is removed by lengthening the crown and the bone is reshaped. By means of this, the teeth appear longer.


If gingival problems cannot be solved by surgical means, Botox is injected to eliminate gingival problems. Apart from surgical intervention, Botox has recently become a gummy smile treatment option. Gummy Smile implies a condition characterized by appearance of tooth gums beyond aesthetic margins while smiling.

What is Gingival Disease (Periodontal disease)?

Gingival disease is an inflammatory condition that occurs in tissues around the teeth. In early stages, gums may bleeding while brushing the teeth or using a dental floss. This stage is called “gingivitis”. If gingivitis is not treated, it progresses to “periodontitis” that is characterized by presence of dental plaque and tartar beneath the gum. If periodontitis progresses, the supportive bone is lost, resulting in loss of the tooth.

How does healthy gum appear?

A healthy gum is in light pink color. It is hard in consistency, its surface is rough like an orange surface and it wraps the tooth tightly.

How does the diseased gum appear?

It is red in color and soft in consistency; the surface is motile and appears bright and swollen.

Why does the gum health impair?

The principle causes of a gingival disease are poor oral hygiene, mass or biofilm of bacteria on tooth surfaces, and the resultant tartars. Smoking, diabetes, stress and the immune response of the individual are among the factors that play an effective role in the loss of the periodontal tissue.


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