Fissure Sealant

The “fissure”, the cracks on the surface of the tooth, where tooth decays usually originate, is covered by fissure sealants and thus, a measure can be taken before a tooth decay starts. Fissure sealant is an effective method against tooth decays.

What Is Fissure Sealant?

Fissür Örtücü Uygulaması Fissure sealant is a protective material that covers the cracks (the fissure) on the chewing surfaces of the molar teeth that the toothbrush cannot reach. With this method, the surfaces of the fissures are sealed and bacteria formation and decay are prevented.

How Is Fissure Sealant Applied?

The teeth are cleaned with special equipment before fissure sealant is applied. The fissure sealant in liquid form is applied to seal the indentations and the cracks on the surface of the teeth. It is hardened right after the application and thus, the treatment is completed. This pain-free treatment can be quickly applied in children.

Fissur Örtücü

How Frequently Is Fissure Sealant Applied?

Fissure sealant is applied once and it should checked at semi-annual intervals.


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