Digital Dentistry

Thanks to the digital and technological developments in dentistry, many new techniques and devices have entered the field and opened ways to give better treatments. With these developments, dental treatments are made faster, less painful, and more comfortable.

Digital Intraoral Scanners

With digital intraoral scanners, digital dentistry treatments can be performed without taking measurements from inside the mouth. Thus, treatments are now much faster than before.

Digital scans provide much higher quality and more accurate results. That way, natural-looking, and long-lasting aesthetic restorations are achieved. Digital design is the ultimate personalized treatment for beautiful looking natural smiles.

Digital dentistry can measure the tooth’s size with sensitive cameras that can take images from inside the mouth and transfer them to the computer. This method helps patients with a gag reflex and provides a much more comfortable treatment since the tooth impression material is not needed.

Dentram Dental Clinics uses the latest generation technology that does not bother you with its sticky feeling and allows you to breathe normally during the procedure.

Digital dentistry technologies used in Dentram Dental Clinics;


-Digital Anesthesia

-Dental Volumetric Tomography

-Digital Smile Design

CAD-CAM in Dentistry

It is the technique of tooth design and tooth production using a CAD-CAM computer. It is the abbreviation of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing).

CAD-CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing- Computer-Aided Design) means Computer-Aided Manufacturing or Computer-Aided Design. CAD-CAM, one of the most critical application areas of digital dentistry. This dental scanner allows us to get information about the shape of both the outer and inner surface of the area examined with the 3D technique, not the two-dimensional projective image as in tomography and x-ray.

Digital Anesthesia with Digital Dentistry

Digital anesthesia, which is also referred to as painless anesthesia, is the application of the anesthetic solution by adjusting it according to the person’s tissue pressure. This method, which helps individuals fear doctors or needles to overcome their fears, has started to be preferred frequently nowadays.

In digital anesthesia, the patient’s gum is numbed with a special gel, and the anesthetic solution is applied to the numbed gingiva. This procedure can be applied to patients of all ages.

It can be easily used in treatments where standard anesthesia can be applied, such as surgical implant operations, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, and jaw joint and gum diseases.

Digital anesthesia is adjusted according to the person’s pain threshold and tissue sensitivity, and accordingly, the pressure and the amount of substance during the procedure are determined. People often prefer this method because of its advantages, like calming the patients with fear of needles and short treatment time.

Dental Volumetric Tomography (DVT)

Dental tomography, also known as DTV, is an imaging method that takes a cross-sectional view of the area to be examined by offering 3-dimensional imaging. With dental tomography, every detail that cannot be viewed before on a typical film can be viewed from all angles. It provides great benefit for treatment planning, and your problems can be easily solved.

Dental tomography can be used in all dentistry areas such as implant applications, 20 tooth extraction, impacted tooth operations, examining sensitive anatomical formations, cyst, and tumor diagnosis.

It is used in our clinics due to its advantages such as containing less radiation dose, high image quality and resolution, providing detailed images, fast and easy.

Smile Design with Digital Dentistry

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry is constantly evolving and introduces us to a new innovative system, digital smile design. With this new system, patients have the power to choose the smile of their dreams and see the result before starting treatment.

Dentram Dental Clinics dental experts know that a perfect smile should be in harmony with their face and personality. Our clinics’ digital system makes precisely that possible and allows you to choose how your new smile will be conceived.

Dentram Digital Smile Design in 6 Stages

  1. Advanced Digital Photography

“Dentram is here so you can smile without worry!”

Your Digital Smile Makeover or Design plan starts with our experts taking a picture of your smile. This way, you’ll get the chance to see what you don’t like and get an idea of what treatment would be best for your teeth.

  1. Video Analysis

The way lips move when speaking is much different than when we smile for a photo. This way, you get the chance to see yourself through other people’s eyes. With the second step, video analysis, you can see how your smile looks on your face and get an idea of what you want to change.

  1. Smile Design Dental Analysis

At this point, you have the opportunity to tell our physicians precisely what you want. So we begin to design the image of your smile’s contemporary look and the results in your mind. We create beautiful smiles by using the power of modern dentistry together with our expert dentists. We choose the necessary treatments for you, such as braces, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening; we start to create the plan and make your dream come true.

  1. Preview Your Smile

Using advanced technology, we can create digital drawings to show you what your smile will look like before treatment begins! Before starting the treatment, you can decide the last changes like the color, tooth shape, etc.

  1. Treatment

Now your transformation can begin!

One of the most substantial advantages of Digital Smile Designing; No matter what treatment you have, whether braces, teeth whitening, or porcelain veneers, you already know how your smile will look.

  1. Result

Say hello to your dentist design dream smile!


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