Ozon Therapy in Dentistry

Ozone is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. When UV rays come into contact with oxygen, the oxygen atoms combine in triple groups and form ozone.

Ozone is a very high-energy form of diatomic atmospheric oxygen. It is the strongest oxidant known to man, and for this reason, it is frequently used in general medicine and dentistry for reasons such as its ability to heal tissues.

Ozone is an antimicrobial compound that can kill harmful microorganisms and also has tissue healing and disinfectant properties. Thus, it acts as an effective bactericidal agent and instantly destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Benefits and Uses of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can help you with;

  • Wound healing such as mouth sores and herpes
  • Tooth decays in the initial stage
  • Deep tooth caries
  • Elimination of infection during root canal treatment
  • Treatment of soft tissue wounds
  • Treatment of fungal infection caused by prosthesis
  • Prevention of periimplantitis (inflammation of surrounding tissues) after implant surgery
  • Accelerated healing after gingivitis operations
  • Less pain during periodontal treatments
  • Disinfection of the medical operations
  • and tooth decay
  • Healing of the wounds of diabetic patients

Ozone Therapy at Dentram

Usage of ozone for dentistry needs has brought many advantages.

The ozone dental treatment device used in Dentram Dental Clinics is an effective sterilization tool used in dentistry with no side effects. Thanks to ozone dental therapy, the healing process is shortened from about a week to a few hours, and a short-term increase in blood flow occurs due to the very strong electromagnetic field. For this reason, it is frequently used in cleaning areas such as infected tooth extraction, cysts, and also in sterilization of the implant bed if implants are to be made after tooth extraction.

In the ozone device used in Dentram Clinics, atmospheric oxygen is hit by a strong electromagnetic field to the oxygen radicals at the probe tip. The concentration at the tip of the probe is 10 to 100 µg / ml. Therefore, the sterilization effect penetrates the bone to a depth of 2.5 cm and cannot damage human cells.

How is Ozone Applied?

“HealOzon” converts oxygen to ozone for teeth usage. The created ozone is pumped by a special tube and the process begins. At the end of the process, ozone is taken back by vacuum and turns into oxygen.

Ozone treatment can be applied in a single session, however, in some cases 2-3 sessions may be required. After the tooth decay level is detected and completely free of saliva. The tooth surface bacteria are destroyed within 30-40 seconds after the special head is attached to the tooth.


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