Osteonecrosis (NICO)

NICO is a disease triggering pain caused by the death of cells in the jaw bone. This disease indicates a possible inflammation or infection in the jaw bone. The end of the bone tissue leads to the collapse of the bone and represents interference fields  in our bodies. Chronic inflammations or infections are considered among the significant interference fields in our bodies, and biological dentistry attaches particular importance to the treatment of interference fields.

Osteonecrosis of the jaw symptoms is often unrecognizable via traditional x rays. However, they reveal themselves with non-healing wounds after tooth extractions.

NICO generally shows up and further develops after the removal of wisdom teeth. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that NICO only affects tooth areas in the mouth. Malnutrition, emerging micronutrients, and vitamin D deficiency after wisdom teeth removal prevents the healing process. Since there aren’t enough nutrients to restore these tissues, bone inflammation or infection can’t be cured effectively, and most of the operations regarding impacted teeth become a case of osteonecrosis. Therefore, it is right to say that NICO indicates nutritional deficiency.

NICO tissues don’t only have viruses, mycosis, bacterias, and parasites within them but also include a significant amount of mercury, arsenic, or aluminum.

Wisdom Teeth

Industrially developed countries encourage bottle feeding and breast pumping along with minimizing breastfeeding time. Since breastfeeding supports jaw bone development in infants, kids continuing to breastfeed for 1-2 years will develop enough space for their wisdom teeth. However, this is not widely appreciated in most cultures, and wisdom teeth are generally removed between the ages of 12-20. Wisdom teeth extraction might result in trauma in the area along with swelling. This prevents the jaw bone from healing, and most of the impacted tooth cases turn into NICO cases.

Professionals can diagnose 2D NICO with the help of Panoramic x rays, yet they can deliver a safer and more effective result by using 3D dental volumetric tomography during diagnosis.

Unfortunately, an entirely harmless or potentially harmful therapy option still hasn’t been developed in providing a full recovery of dental health from NICO. It is possible to offer a full recovery by removing the harmful lesions via surgical curettes; this helps lower or eliminate the symptoms.

Osteonecrosis of The Jaw (Jaw Bone Cavitations)

Osteonecrosis or NICO disease doesn’t only impact wisdom teeth; others can also be afflicted with NICO. Root canal treatment, amalgam fillings, remaining root tips after the removal, and other foreign or fabricated substances are accepted among NICO’s probable causes.

Tooth dies after root canal therapy. To preserve the aesthetic appearance, dentists try to save these teeth by filling them with inorganic bacteria types that can disrupt the remaining organic tissues. With chewing movement, toxins of these bacterias are released into the lymphatic system of the tissue surrounding the dead tooth. After that, they get into the blood circulation and eventually reach all organisms. These pathogenic bacterias can cause various systematic and organic diseases such as NICO and many others.


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