Braces Cost

Braces Cost

Braces are a treatment for people that want to align and straighten their teeth. They are both used for health and cosmetic related issues as they provide good-look with a healthy mouth at the same time. The time period that you would use your braces depends on the situation and the health of your teeth. If the problem regarding the mispositioning of the teeth of the patient is very serious, patient might use braces for a long time whereas the ones who has less problems would use braces for a shorter time period.

Cost of braces depends on the hardware that used of the braces. Traditional braces are the metal wires that everyone imagine when someone mentions about braces. They are the most common and cheapest types of braces. Ceramic braces are a bit more expensive than traditional braces and the difference between those two is the material that is used to make braces. Ceramic braces do not bother patients as much as traditional ones as they have the same colour as tooth. Invisalign braces also called as invisible braces that are semi-permanent, and they also have the same colour with your tooth. Their prices are almost the same as ceramic braces. Lingual braces are the same as traditional braces in terms of the metal brackets and wires. The difference between lingual and traditional braces is the place that braces have been attached.In lingual braces, they are placed to the back of the teeth and that makes the difference in price. This type of braces are the most expensive ones among all the types.

Costs of Braces in United States

Braces costs in USA is high compared to some other countries. You can get traditional braces by paying between $3000-$7500. You can get your ceramic andinvisalign braces by paying between $3500-$8000 and lastly you can get your lingual braces by paying $5000-$13000 total.

Costs of Braces in United Kingdom

Costs of braces are high in UK as well. You can get your metal braces by paying between £2000 – £2500, ceramic braces for£2000 – £3000, lingual braces for£3000 – £5000 and lastly invisalign braces by paying between£2500 – £4500. It might be logical for English patients to travel another country in Europe that offers lower prices for the treatment.

Costs of Braces in Poland

Poland has very affordable prices in terms of dental treatments. Average costs of traditional braces in Poland is $350. For instance, it might be logical for English patients to go Poland to get their treatment as difference between prices are very high.

Costs of Braces in Turkey

Turkey is another country that offers affordable prices compared to developed countries such as United Kingdom and United States. Prices are varying between $500-$3500 depending on the type of braces and the place that you get them. If a person would prefer to get their lingual braces in Istanbul in a big hospital, prices might be higher. If a person would prefer to get their traditional braces in a small clinic the price would be more affordable.

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