Veneers Cost Around the World

Veneers Cost Around the World

Veneers also known as dental veneers or porcelain veneers. They are used to create a fresh look of the teeth for the patient. After this process, patients can smile however they want to as they would get a smile that they wanted. This treatment is used when patient want to change the shape, size and colour of the teeth. It helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and it provides a good look with health thanks to this.

The cost of the treatment depends on several factors about the treatment. The material which is used during the process has a crucial impact on the price of the porcelain veneers as it is almost the only cost for the treatment. Price differs from country to country, in developed countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom prices can go up to very high levels. In developing countries prices are more affordable. This changes in prices sometimes depends on the health insurances. In some countries health insurances pay some proportion of the treatment, but in most as they do not pay for the costs of the cosmetic procedures they may not pay for this treatment as well. In addition, prices can change as the number of tooth treated increases, but we will look at prices per tooth to make a valid comparison.

USA is the most expensive country that you can get your veneers. Prices are varying from €250 to €2500 depending on the material that is used in the process. If you want to have composite veneers you would probably pay around €700 which is the cheapest among all types of veneers. If you want a porcelain you would pay around €1200 and if you want lumineersalso called as ultra-thin laminates which is the most expensive one, you would pay approximately around €2000 per tooth.The prices in UK is similar to US, but it is a bit cheaper.

Indeveloping countries costs are a lot cheaper. For instance, in European developing countries you may pay less than half of the cost. In Spain costs are varying between €150-€650 which is ranked 7th place by World Healthcare Organization for its affordable costs. Poland is cheaper than Spain that you would pay at most €350 per tooth for veneers, you can even find a clinic that you would pay €100 per tooth.

India is another developing country that offers affordable prices. Paying around €100 and €300 will be enough there to get your treatment.

Veneers Cost in Turkey

Turkey is another country that has affordable prices for veneers. Prices are varying between €150-€450. In addition to this, most of the clinics and hospitals would help you to find a place for accommodation and provide a transfer between the place that you will stay and the clinic/hospital that you arranged to get your veneers. It is a logical choice to travel Turkey to get your treatment there, as clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer affordable prices as well as the care for you when you are there.

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