Alveolar Distraction

What Is Distraction (Lenghtening Of The Neck Of The Jaw Bone)?

Although many studies have shown interest to studies on extending the length of bone throughout the history, the modern distraction osteogenesis that was presented by the Russian surgeon Gavriel Ilizarov in 1950s is regarded as the most effective method.
Although this method was previously used to lengthen the leg bones, it is started to be used to lengthen the jaw bones by dental surgeons. The distraction method (extending the length of the jaw bone) is the process of progressive traction to the jawbone to ensure new bone formation.

How Is Distraction (Extending Length Of The Neck Of The Jaw Bone) Performed?

The surgery is carried out inside or outside of the mouth under local or general anesthesia in order to ensure balanced lengthening of the neck of the bone. The surgery takes 1 to 3 hours depending on the indication and a distractor is placed to the jaw bones. After the bone is lengthened per day and the balance is achieved with this device, the distractor is kept in place for 6 weeks. When ossification is confirmed by X-ray, the device is removed and the process is terminated.

Considerations After Distraction Surgery

– Soft foods should be consumed to the maximum consent.
– Physical impacts require acting carefully
– Dressing and hygiene must be considered
– Follow-up visits should not be interrupted.

Distraction (Jawn Bone Extraction) Operating Prices

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