Endodontic Surgery

What Is Endodontic Surgery (Resection Of Apex Of Tooth)?

It is a simple surgical procedure used if canal therapy is not sufficient or inappropriate. It can be applied to all teeth. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it takes about 30 minutes.

How Is Endodontic Surgery (Resection Of The Apex) Carried Out?

In this process, apical resection, the apex and the eye gum are incised and exposed. The cyst and infected tissues at and around the apex are removed. Root canal is re-filled after it is cleaned. The gum is placed and stitched to its original position and the operation is completed.

Is Endodontic Surgery (Resection Of The Apex) Difficult?

Patients do not feel any pain during apical resection under local anesthesia. Swelling occurs and persists on the cheeks of patients for 2-3 days. Complains do not occur when drugs are regularly used.

Endodontics Surgery (Surgical Root User Surgery-Resection) Prices

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