Porcelain Veneers

porselen kaplama ve protetik tedavi

Ceramic restorations with metalic infrastructure have been and are still used for crowns and bridges that are placed to restore function, phonation and aesthetic by replacing missing tooth or teeth. However, the translucency of metal-ceramic restorations is remarkably influenced by the metal infrastructure, which hinders the transmission of the light through the restoration. Besides, it causes gingival pigmentation in the long term.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneer

Aesthetic appearance, one of the principal components of the prosthetic treatments, is as important as the function. The psychological effect of the aesthetic appearance on people is very high. Many people may have difficulties in social relations, as they do not like how their natural teeth or restorations look. It is necessary to duplicate the shape, surface and color of the tooth in the restoration in order to achieve cosmetic success and natural look in restorations.

All-ceramic restorations are associated with better aesthetic outcomes because of their utmost biocompatibility, better translucency and aesthetic features close to natural tooth comparing to metal-ceramic restorations. Due to recent increases in cosmetic expectations, researchers and clinicians conducted further studies on these issues and focused on durability as well as aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to the use of cement (bonding agents) that creates a chemical bond, micro-leakage is avoided and both resistance to breaking down and durability is improved. Zirconia-based ceramics and IPS emax restorations are frequently applied in our clinic.

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