Dr. Elif Sümeyye Tobi

Elif Tobi

Who Is Dr. Elif Sümeyye Tobi?

Profession : Prosthetic Dentistry Specialist Born in Balıkesir, Elif Sümeyye Tobi, M.D. completed high school education in Nevzat Ayaz Anatolian High School. She graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, Selçuk University, and received doctorate degree from Department of Prosthetic Dental Treatment in the same University. She prepares a dissertation on “Evaluation of Efficacy of Early Loading System in Dental Implants”. She attended seminars regarding dentistry and received a certificate. She has articles published in local and international journals and poster – verbal presentations given in occupational congresses. Her Fields of Professional Interest cover aesthetic dentistry procedures, zirconium systems and adhesive applications and implant-supported prostheses.


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