This year, we celebrate the 8th anniversary of our Dentram Acarkent branch. We have launched the “Dental Treatment at Home” implementation as an opportunity towards the Acarkent region, Beykoz, special for this year. So we have begun to offer dental health services with our VIP Vehicle, Mobile Dental Unit, equipment and our team. One of our dentists and nurses, who are called to a home with an appointment, check the teeth of our patients and perform some of their treatments in the comfort of homes and with the quality of a clinic.
We believe that the service will be successful because of the fact that Acarkent consists of a compact building complex.
Who Can Utilize the Service?
1) Those who are unable to get out of their home due to senility or excessive weight

2) Bedridden patients

3) Bodily or mentally handicapped individuals

4) Those patients who have recently undergone a surgery

5) Panic attack patients

6) Alzheimer and dementia

7) Severe dentist phobia

8) Emergency support need in the case of accidents at home (especially for children)

9) Oncology patients

10) Rarely, those who have difficulty in visiting our dental clinic due to heavy workload or lack of time


Treatments that we can perform at homes

The dental examinations and applications that can be performed at homes with our Mobile Dental Unit include general dental examination, stitch removal, scaling, bonding, simple fillings, and various denture treatments (denture repair, denture feeding, and correction of denture deformations).

We developed the Mobile Dental Unit for accessing those persons who are unable to access dental health services. We want to continue to show our difference with corporate social responsibility activities and offer everyone a dental treatment opportunity.
Call us at 0216 485 90 30 for more information and appointment

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