The biggest difficulty in implant treatments is the loss of bone that occurs after tooth extraction. In such cases, we try to make up the loss with bone grafts and membranes obtained from the patient or artificially made. The box technique is a new method developed for guided bone regeneration. In this technique, bone is generated using materials which spontaneously dissolve in the oral cavity and which are fully compatible with the intraoral tissues. This enables bone supplements without obtaining any bone from the patient.

Polylactide acid absorbable materials are used in this technique.

Polylactide acid has been being used for a long time in neurosurgeries and maxillofacial surgeries. Thanks to this material, the box technique was developed for implant surgeries.

The box technique helps the formation of an area for placement of the bone powder to be used. With the walls placed around the bone, it is ensured that the bone material is placed in the desired area.

  • A sufficient bone volume can be generated in the desired area without the need for obtaining bone from the patient.
  • No second surgery is needed thanks to the dissolving materials.
  • This operation is more comfortable for patients and it causes less trauma.
  • Treatment time is shortened.


All thanks to this technique.

The polylactide acid materials utilized in this technique are safe materials which are tolerable by body. They do not lead to any inflammation after their application. Following the dissolution of the material, water and carbon dioxide are produced and they are fully discharged by the body.

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