Fissure Sealer

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The “fissure”, which is the point where tooth decay usually starts, can be prevented by covering the cracks on the chewing surface of the tooth with coverings of fissure cover before the formation of cavities. Fissure sealant application is an effective method against tooth decay.

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What is Fissure Sealant?

The material on the chewing surfaces of the minor teeth, which provides the closure of the pits and fissures that the toothbrush can not reach, is called fissure sealant. With this method, the fissures are covered and the accumulation of nutrients on the surfaces that the brush can not reach and thus the formation of caries is prevented.

How to Apply Fissure Glue Application

The teeth are cleaned with special equipment before application of the fissure sealant. tooth surfaces are made ready for the application of fissure sealant material by applying special materials. then it is applied to cover the recesses and pits in the surface of the fissure sealant teeth in the liquid form. Immediately after the treatment with light curing is completed. This application which does not cause pain to children can be done quickly.

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How often is Fissure Covering done?

The application of the fissure sealant is done once and should be checked every 6 months.


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