Extraction of Primary Tooth

süt dişleri çekimi nasıl yapılır


Primary teeth start to change at age 6 to 8 and fall out in order to be replaced by permanent teeth. The fall out and replacement continues until around age 12.


Primary teeth begin to swing and often fall out spontaneously as the root of the primary teeth are thinned by the incoming teeth. Sometimes, primary tooth does not get loose and fall out and the permanent tooth appears in the mouth in a different place. In this case, primary tooth must be extracted.

How to extract primary teeth?


First dentist experience of children is very important. Fear of a dentist often originates from a body dentist experience in childhood. It would be more appropriate to extract primary teeth after the child is adapted to the procedure in 1 to 2 sessions. Anesthesia is a must to suppress pain while the tooth is extracted.


Children are particularly afraid of needles and anesthesia. We use digital anesthesia for children to facilitate extraction of teeth in children. With single-tooth anesthesia (STA), anesthetic agent is administered with a very small tip, just like a pen, without using a syringe, and thus, anxiety of the child is relieved and the tooth is extracted easily.


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