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Dental Health in Children

Although dental health is sometimes overlooked in children, it is at least as important as adult dental health. The fact that milk teeth are temporary is the main reason for this miscarriage. The care of the milk teeth and, where necessary, the treatment, should not be neglected in terms of the health of the child.

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Pediatric Practices

Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry) is an important part of the practice and treatment because of its scope and early identification of mouth / tooth problems that can occur in the child's adulthood. Pedodontics that are concerned with dental health of children between 0-13 years of age, such as the treatment of dairy tooth decay frequently seen in children, ending of negative behaviors such as finger / lip sucking, correction of chin disorders. It also plays an important role in the protection of children's teeth and their healthy transition to adolescence.

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