Bonding Procedure

estetik diş hekimliği bonding

Being very frequently used in cosmetic and preventive dentistry, bonding procedure is performed to correct dental problems, such as correction of deformity on the surface of the tooth and changing the tone and the shape of the tooth.

Bonding is a restoration procedure that is performed by attaching a composite material, which matches the tone of the tooth, onto the tooth surface. Anesthesia is not generally required and the teeth gain a natural look in a short time.

What are indications or good candidates of bonding?

Bonding treatment is successfully performed for:;

  • Closure of diastema (abnormal space or gap between two teeth)
  • Discoloration due to use of antibiotic agent
  • Underdeveloped enamel
  • Chipped teeth
  • Deformed teeth
  • Mottling in teeth due to excessive use of fluoride in the growth period.
  • Simple asymmetry

There is no age limitation in bonding procedure.

Considerations After Bonding Procedure.

It is necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene and dental care and to avoid breaking and biting hard foods with teeth after bonding treatment is completed. Tooth/teeth may break down in people with bad habits, like nail biting and pen biting. Smoking, tea and coffee may lead to mottled teeth.

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